(WKBN)- First News reporter Anna Marsick is out live covering the slippery road conditions throughout the Valley.

Light snow has accumulated on the roads. Grassy surfaces also have a dusting of snow.

The entire Storm Team 27 forecast for the week can be found here.

You may need to break out the snow brush this morning to clear off your car before heading out. Snow plows have been out clearing the light accumulation of snow on the roads.

But something to pay extra attention to is how slippery the roads are. Anna’s car was sliding as she drove into work this morning, so she made sure to slow down and ease on the break when stopping.

You definitely want to allow some extra time for your morning commute. Grab a coat on your way out as well, it’s chilly outside!

Even though we are only 14 days into the month, the total snowfall in March has already tripled the amount we received in February. So, it’s time to break out those winter driving skills again.

Drive safely and maintain a safe distance between the car in front of you.