(WKBN)- The cleanup began Friday following severe storms that swept through the Valley Thursday night into Friday morning.

The National Weather Service has confirmed there was an EF-0 tornado in the area near Bristol in Trumbull County. And an EF-1 was reported in the Cleveland area.

The entire viewing area experienced some form of the storm’s wrath from flooding to downed trees and limbs and downed power lines.

First News sent reporters all over the Valley to speak to residents and assess the damage. Read below for storm accounts by county.

Trumbull County

Bill Walker and his friends spent the day Friday cleaning up brush from his yard on Thompson Clark Road in Bristol. A fallen tree knocked over a utility pole ripping the lines from his house, landing on his plow truck.

“Took out a couple of my pine trees in the front yard, too — the tops of them. Took my neighbor’s garage. It’s totally gone. I don’t know where it’s at,” said Bill Walker, of Bristol.

Paul Holisky’s garage across the street was destroyed. Parts of it landed on his roof and in his swimming pool. A window on the front of his home was also smashed.

Holisky was at work when the storm rolled through and rushed home to see the damage.

“I was just in a state of shock, and it just really wasn’t sinking in right at first,” Holisky said. It was still dark out, and we couldn’t really see the extent of the damage. It was just overwhelming.”

Another neighbor’s attached carport toppled over.

“I didn’t see any funnel cloud or anything, but I sure heard one,” Walker said.

Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency Director John Hickey said no one was hurt or killed as a result of the storm.

“We have a large area but so far, it seems like here in Bristol, Mecca nd Cortland kind of took the brunt,” Hickey said.


The sound of chainsaws could be heard all over Canfield as neighbors like Brian Cullivan spent Friday trying to cut the limbs in his yard into manageable pieces.

Streets such as Neff Drive and North Broad Street were littered with debris and downed wires. On Garwood Drive, the winds toppled three trees and kept residents from leaving home until the street department was cleared to start removing the branches.

The bulk of the damage came in the middle of the night.

“I heard the wind pick up. Then, I heard a loud crash, and then I heard a boom — sounded like an explosion” said Dave Gregory, of Canfield.

Somehow the falling trees missed a car parked on the street. Its owner, who didn’t want to appear on camera, admits luck was with him

“If I parked a little bit farther down that way, my car would not be looking unscathed like it is right now,” the owner said.

Just a block away, the owner of a house wasn’t as fortunate. A huge tree smashed through the roof of his garage. By late morning, First Energy crews were working to repair the damage.

Neighbors say bad weather also knocked out their power there last year.

“Same thing. We lost power for a day or so. They came out and got it restored, but this I think is gonna be a little longer,” Gregory said.

On Youngstown-Salem Road, a tree took out some power lines. A tree also came down on Southern Boulevard in Youngstown.

In Springfield Township, the winds uprooted a tree along Western Reserve Road, near Interstate 680. The strong winds completely uprooted the tree, which crashed into the roof and chimney of a nearby house. Crews were busy Friday afternoon working to cut away the mess.

Mercer County

A Sharpsville neighborhood at the intersection of 12th Street and Pierce had two fallen trees.

Residents say one tree hit one of their neighbor’s cars. Terry Makowski said he was outside when the storm began and saw what he described as an explosion and the power went out.

“I was letting my dog out last night before the storm came in, and the wind came up — rain, that’s when it happened. Just a bright white light, sparks but not even sparks — just hard to explain,” Makowski said. “I got a freezer full of meat, fish everything. Hopefully, it stays good. Things are expensive.”

PennDOT announced that the following routes are closed in Mercer County due to downed trees and wires. The roads will reopen once they are cleared.

  • Route 318 – Closed from the intersection of Pulaski Mercer Road to the intersection of Stone Base Road in East Lackawannock Township;
  • Wasser Bridge Road/Good Hope Road (Route 4003) – Closed from the intersection of Route 846 in West Salem Township to the intersection of Route 18 in Hempfield Township; and
  • Route 718 – Closed from the intersection of Route 846 in the City of Hermitage to the intersection of Buckeye Drive in South Pymatuning Township


Wires came down across streets and many trees fell over in Columbiana County.

One side of Depot Road near Salem Grange Road was closed off for some time so crews could remove a large tree blocking the intersection.

A home along State Route 172 had severe damage to cars parked outside that got hit by trees and debris.