September has come to an end, and it is officially October. Temperatures are slowly falling and it is getting cooler across the valley. September brought near average temperatures and below average rainfall to the area.

September weather summary  

During the month, Youngstown saw a mix of above and below-average temperatures. 13 days recorded above-average temperatures, one day recorded normal temperatures and 16 days recorded below-normal temperatures. 

High-temperature departure from normal during September 2022 

The average temperature in Youngstown was 63.9° which was 0.7° warmer than normal. During September, Youngstown did record several days with highs in the 80s. Youngstown got to a high of 86° on both Sept. 3 and Sept. 21. 

Compared to the month of August, September was a wetter month across the valley with many locations picking up a few inches of rain. In September, rainfall in Youngstown totaled 2.82”, which was 1.02” below average. The heaviest 24-hour rainfall occurred on the 11-12 when Youngstown received .81” of rain. 13 of the 30 days had measurable rainfall, and two of those days had more than a half of an inch of rain. 

Breakdown of September 2022 rainfall

What can I expect in October?  

Looking ahead to October, the Climate Prediction Center says they are predicting below-average temperatures for the Valley through the month of October. At the start of October, the normal high temperature is 68°. By the end of the month the normal high temperature will be down to 56°. 

As for precipitation, the Climate Prediction Center says they are predicting below-average precipitation for the month of October. The Valley averages 3.34″ inches of rain during September.