(WKBN) — The colder weather pattern will continue with multiple ripples of low pressure sweeping through the Youngstown, Ohio, region, bringing several rounds of snow showers or flurries.

Look for the risk for snow showers and flurries through evening with a chance for a heavier burst of snow into early tonight.

When will the heaviest snow fall?

Scattered snow showers and flurries are expected into the evening. Most of these snow showers will produce a light coating to an inch.

There is the risk for a more intense snow band to set up through the evening.

The timing for this intense band will be from around 5 p.m. through 9 p.m.

What can I expect out of the heavier snowband?

If you get caught under this heavy snow band — also known as a snow squall — you can expect brief heavy snow, visibility reduced and brief gusty wind blowing snow around.

A quick inch is possible under any of the intense snow bands into the evening.

Once the evening snow bands move out, the risk for scattered snow showers or flurries will remain in the forecast through the night.

What is a snow squall?

In simplest terms, a snow squall is a very heavy burst of snow. The National Weather Service defines a snow squall as intense snowfall lasting between 30-60 minutes and causing dangerous travel conditions because of snowy, icy roads and a near to complete “white-out.” Squalls are often accompanied by gusty winds that blow around snow, causing even greater drops in visibility.

Snow squalls can occur in intense lake effect snow bands, along cold fronts and especially along strong Arctic cold fronts bringing in surges of bitter cold Arctic air. If you’re a snow enthusiast, you will enjoy when these occur. Squalls usually result in a very fast accumulation of snowfall. However, these bursts can be dangerous when driving.