YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – We are moving into the full spring pollen season with leaves sprouting and flowers blooming this week.

The warmer temperatures and sunshine will increase the growth and create more pollen.

Today’s Pollen Forecast

Where are we in the pollen season?

We are pushing into the higher end of the tree pollen season as leaves build across eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. The grass pollen will follow as the ground warms up and the grass grows taller.

The weed problems typically don’t show up until the middle of summer and into the fall.

A look at pollens throughout the year.

Will the pollen be high all week?

You can expect tree pollen levels to remain high through the end of the week. Rain showers and cooler temperatures will push in through the weekend to help ease the pollen levels slightly.

Tree pollen will continue to be a problem for allergy sufferers through a big part of May as the warmer temperatures build through the spring. As the tree pollen starts to ease, the grass pollen will start to climb as we push into the summer.

See when to expect any precipitation to wash away some of the current pollen here.