Snowflakes fell in a some spots early this morning as colder air poured into the region. The snow was not heavy, but it did add up in a few places across the the snowbelt. These snowflakes were the first of the 2022 snow season in Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania.

In Geauga County, 1.5 inches of snow was reported near Montville, Ohio.
In Lake County 0.4 inches was reported near Kirtland Hills, Ohio.
In Erie County, Pennsylvania, 1.0 inch was reported in Harborcreek and Edinboro.

Snowflakes are not uncommon this time of the year.

When was the earliest recorded snowfall?

The earliest “first” recorded snowfall (0.1″ or greater) in Youngstown was on Oct. 2, 2003.

As noted earlier, we have not received measurable snowfall before this date with only a trace recorded eight times in September through recorded history.

If you were wondering how late the latest “first” recorded snowfall (0.1″ or greater) in Youngstown was, it was on Dec. 11, 1995.

Back to October Snow information:
There are only two days during the month of October that DO NOT have at least a trace of snowfall recorded during the month in Youngstown, Ohio. The Oct. 5 and Oct. 14 both show up with 0.0″ in snowfall through recorded history.

The rest of the month has at least a trace of snow, or greater, each day.

The day that currently holds the record for highest amount of snow on an October day is Oct. 31, 1993. That day, 5.1 inches of snow fell!

Below you will find a chart with the TOP 5 Snowfalls during October in Youngstown, Ohio

Date of Snowfall Recorded in Youngstown, OhioAmount of Snow
Oct. 31, 19935.1
Oct. 25, 19623.8″
Oct. 19, 19923.0″
Oct. 30, 19932.6″
Oct. 24, 19621.9″

Top 5 Highest Recorded snowfall per day in Youngstown, Ohio, during October

The most snow that fell during October was in 1993. That year, 7.7 inches fell. This created a snowy Halloween locally!

October’s Normal Snowfall is 0.7″ in Youngstown, Ohio.