November has come and gone, and Thursday is officially the first day of December and the start of meteorological winter. Let’s take a look at how the weather played out across the area during the past month.  

Was November warmer than normal in Youngstown?

In November, Youngstown saw over twice as many days with above-average temperatures than days with below-average temperatures. Of those days, 21 recorded above-average temperatures, with mild temperatures recorded on the first 12 days and the last nine days of the month. 

High-temperature departure from normal during November 2022 

While both the beginning and the end of the month were mild, the middle of the month was a completely different story. The middle of the month featured a stretch of well below-average temperatures, with high temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 

Even with the stretch of days cold days, November was still warmer than normal. The average temperature in Youngstown was 43.8°, which was 2.3° warmer than normal. 

Was November a wet month in Youngstown?

November was a wet month across the region, with many locations picking up a few inches of rain. 

In Youngstown, November 2022 will go into the record books as the 10th wettest November on record. Rainfall in Youngstown totaled 4.40 inches of rain which was 1.44 inches above normal. Half of the month recorded measurable rainfall. Nov. 11 and 30 were the wettest days, with 2.31 inches of rain falling on Nov. 11 and 1.05 inches of rain falling on Nov. 30. 

In addition to the rain, Youngstown also saw some snow throughout November. Snowfall in Youngstown totaled 1.8 inches. This is well below the 9 inches of snow that fell in November 2021. 

What can I expect in December?

Looking ahead to December, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is predicting below-average temperatures for the Valley through the month. At the start of December, the normal high temperature is 43°. By the end of the month, the normal high temperature will be down to 35°. 

According to the CPC, the Valley has an equal chance of seeing either below or above-average precipitation for December. The Valley averages 3.17 inches of rain and 14.8 inches of snow during December.