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There are several records being broken this month here in Youngstown, Ohio

(WKBN) – Two days in a row with record temperatures here in Youngstown, Ohio. This has been a hot month to this point, and the numbers are adding up.

The high of 77° on the 10th this year is the hottest temperature on record this late in the season. In fact, you won’t find a record high this hot until March.

Looking at where we stand so far this month: We just finished a stretch of 70 or greater days here in Youngstown.

In fact, we had six days in a row with 70°+. The 5th and 6th featured record highs.
November 5th = 70° Record High: 77° set in 1949
November 6th = 70° Record High: 74° set in 2008
November 7th = 71° Record High: 73° set in 1938
November 8th = 75° Record High: 78° set in 1938
November 9th = 76° Old Record High: 72° set in 1975 & 1999
November 10th = 77° Old Record High: 68° set in 1931 & 1949

Consecutive days of 70°+ readings in November are rare. Looking back through history dating as Early as 1930, we have not had more than five days in a row at 70°+. We just finished our 6th! That makes November of 2020 the current leader in consecutive days in a row at 70° or higher – the most on record here in Youngstown. We were close in 2008 with 5 days in a row during the month.

There have been Novembers in the past that have added up the number of 70°+ days that were not consecutive. Below is a list of those years and total number of days at 70°+
1931 = 9 Days at 70°, or Higher
1938 = 5 Days at 70°, or Higher
1990 = 5 Days at 70°, or Higher
2008 = 5 Days at 70°, or Higher
1930 = 4 Days at 70°, or Higher
1977 = 4 Days at 70°, or Higher
2015 = 4 Days at 70°, or Higher

The hottest temperature on record for the month is 80° set in 1961 on the 3rd. The latest we have had a high of 70° in a year was in 2001 when it reached 71° on December 5th.

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