(WKBN) — This has been a winter with very warm temperatures and little snow here in our part of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

How warm has the winter been in Youngstown, Ohio?

As of Feb. 24, 2023 the average temperature this winter is 35.0°F. That makes this winter the third warmest winter on record to this date of the season in Youngstown, Ohio.

The only winters on record that were warmer to this date took place in 1931-1932 and 1932-1933. The warmest winter on record was in 1931-1932 with an average temperature of 39.1°F.

There is not much of a chance to break the all-time record, but we are flirting with the #2 spot on the list. We will have to see how the month ends to get a final ranking.

Where is the snow?

There are flurries in the air today as cooler temperatures moved back in to end the week. There is a small risk for light snow showers or flurries to start the weekend. No heavy snow is in the forecast for this weekend.

The snow cover map below shows you where the snowpack is this afternoon. The storm this week known as Olive helped lay down a heavy blanket of snow to our north. We stayed on the warmer side with record-breaking temperatures.

There is even snow in Hollywood, California! The Hollywood sign had snow on it this week.

Snow cover is coast to coast from California to Maine.
The snowpack locally is generally north of I-90 in New York and Michigan.

How much snow have we picked up in February?

To make the answer simple, not even an inch of snow fell to the point of this article being written. That means that at the start of the 24th day of the month, there has not even been one inch of snow! Only 0.2″ of snowfall has been recorded at the Youngstown/Warren Regional airport this month. You may think this has never happened before.

This did happen one other time. The year was 1998. In 1998, only a trace of snow fell during the month of February in Youngstown, Ohio.

We are currently ranked as the second least snowy February on record in Youngstown, Ohio. We will have to see where the numbers fall as a few light snowflakes and flurries stay in the forecast as we move into the weekend.