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Many of you asked: “Have the fall colors this fall been more pronounced than last year?”

The short answer here is that this is difficult to quantify. What can be said is that there has been low stress on the trees in this part of the United States which is conducive to vibrant color change. There has been plenty of precipitation this October which has facilitated the fall color change.

However, the fall foliage is peaking at a later date compared to last year when the colors peaked in mid-October. This is due to the period of above-average temperatures at the start of October. The peak of fall foliage in the Valley is typically in late October, so the change in colors is right on track.

Emily asked: “Does the weather have an impact on fall foliage?”

Absolutely. Extended periods of above-average temperatures during the warm months combined with drought can lead to less-than-spectacular fall foliage. These warm temperatures can also delay the onset of the leaf changes.

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