Monday will be last day to enjoy sunshine for a while

Monday will be a great day to be outside before more snow and rain return

Monday will be the third day on tap with sunny blue skies, but clouds will move in Monday night. Here is the short version of your week ahead.


The day will start off like the weekend, with sunny and clear skies. Warmer with highs in the low 40s. Clouds will move in later that day and increase overnight.


The day will start off rough, with rain and snow in the forecast for your morning commute. The snowfall totals won't amount up to a whole lot -- less than a half inch. Also, YES, you're having school.


This is the best day for the chance of rain and snow. The back half of the system will bring an increased chance for rain and snow. It still won't amount to a whole lot -- an inch of snow on average.


The day will come with a chance for lake-enhanced snow but honestly, it's just going to be a grey day and cold for most of us.


The day will start off like how Thursday ended, with grey skies and cold temperatures, but the clouds will break up through the day. It will still be cold.


This day will be your best chance to see the sun but we're still tracking mostly cloudy skies. There is a small chance for another system, but we will have to watch if that moves south of us or not.


The chance for rain and snow will return. Another system will move through toward the end of the weekend and the start of the work week.

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