Looking into the longest run of dry days in a row here in Youngstown, Ohio

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A string of dry days are on the way this week as high pressure builds into the region.

History shows that our number of days without at least a trace of precipitation typically does not last very long. We can go a week or so through the year with no precipitation here in our region, but even that can be hard to accomplish.

Looking back through history, our region has produced several long streaks with no precipitation.

The last time we had 10 days with no precipitation at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport was in 2019. The streak ended December 28th. It is very rare to have a dry period this long during a winter month here in Northeast Ohio.

The last time we had 15 days with no precipitation at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport was in 1993. The streak ended July 27.

Ten days or longer with dry days here in Youngstown has only happened 10 times through recorded history.

Twenty-five days currently holds the longest streak on record. It happened in 1963 and 1922.

The Top 10 Longest Streaks of Dry Days in Youngstown:
#1 – 25 days in 1963
– 25 days in 1922
#3 – 23 days in 1995
– 23 days in 1964
– 23 days in 1938
– 23 days in 1924
– 23 days in 1920
#8 – 21 days in 1939
#9 – 20 days in 1942
– 20 days in 1931

Of the top 10 longest streaks, nine out of the 10 years happened during September or October. The only streak that fell outside of those months happened in 1942 during the month of May with 20 days.

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