(WKBN)- WKBN reporter Megan Lee is live in Hubbard on North Main Street covering the severe winter storm.

Flurries are starting and roads are a little slick. Temperatures are dropping and snow is coming into the valley.

Tyler Ross of Ohio State Highway Patrol stressed that drivers need to be patient.

“Even though people use smoking as a stress reliever, it probably creates more stress. We know that people who quit have a significant reduction in psychological distress,” said Dr. J. Taylor Hays of the OSP.

As of 5 a.m., our Live Drive Action Cam was showing snow blowing on I-80 in Mercer County:

Just a reminder today that everything is going to take a little bit more time when accelerating, breaking, switching lanes. Give yourself enough time if you have to be on the roadways.

“Check on neighbors during this time and uh family. So we just want to make sure everybody is being cared for and taken care of,” said Andy Frost of Mahoning County EMA.

Frost recommends having a charged phone as well! That way you can stay updated on the weather and check in with family and friend.

First News has also learned ODOT has 40+ crews out treating roads between Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

The wind is making it hard to do effectively. After a road is plowed, gusts blow the snow back over. Drivers, ODOT reps say their best advice is to go slow.

“Give yourself lots of extra time. If you’re going somewhere make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there. Don’t speed, you know travel a slower speed limit, and when you see those plow trucks out there give them room,” Justin Chesnic, from ODOT.

ODOT suggests you pump on your break when trying to slow down or stop in severe conditions.
Slamming on the break can lead to sliding or spinning out.

Kristen McFarland contributed to this report.