Across the Valley on Saturday there was plenty of sunshine on the warmest day of the year to date. We made it to 83 degrees which was two degrees shy of the record for this date of 85 degrees back in 1985. There is another record that is much older and we will approach it, but we will be shy of breaking Sunday. This record has held on for over a century.

It’s safe to say that no resident was alive back on April 24. 1897. It was 124 years ago, but on that day Youngstown recorded a high temperature of 88 degrees. A few notable events happened around that same time. Just the month before was when William McKinley was sworn in as president. Just five days before this record was set the first ever Boston Marathon was held. A week later was the discovery of the subatomic particle the electron.

It’s safe to say that it is a very formidable record to beat, but here in the Valley tomorrow we may be at its doorsteps. With another sun filled April day we are expecting temps to make their way into the mid 80s. It will be close but it’s very likely that this 124 year old record holds on. While it holds on to survive another year, we will not hold on to these warm temps as a cooldown is in view.