We are approaching the end of January and the numbers for precipitation are adding up. This has been a soggy month with more rain than snow. The numbers are getting close to the Top 10 list for wettest Januaries in Youngstown, Ohio.

How much precipitation has fallen this month in Youngstown, Ohio?

So far, 4.85 inches of precipitation has accumulated at the airport. This is 1.82 inches above normal for the month.

Last year, we only had 2.97 inches to this point of the month.

Snowfall is well below normal, with only 9.1 inches so far. We are running 10.5 inches below normal for the month.

When you have a warm January, you have a wet January in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Is it a record-breaking January?

We have accumulated 24 out of 27 days with at least a trace of precipitation at the airport this month.

That means that 89% of the days in the month have been wet!

The 4.85 inches to this point of the month is close to breaking in the Top 10 list for wettest Januaries.

Currently, the 10th wettest January on record was in 1913, when 4.96 inches of precipitation fell.

That was 110 years ago!

When was the wettest January on record?

The wettest January on record took place 86 years ago in 1937. The rain and snow added up to 7.77 inches that year. It is currently the wettest January on record at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport where weather records are recorded for Youngstown, Ohio.

Top 10 wettest Januaries on record

Wettest Januarys on record for Youngstown, Ohio

The forecast has more rain and snow in it through the weekend. There is a good chance we break into the Top 10 Wettest Januaries on record and push out the 110-year-old record of 4.96 inches set in 1913.