YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Sunshine is being blocked by a haze this morning in the mostly clear sky. Our perfect and sunny day is being filtered.

What is that haze in the sky this morning?

Youngstown, Ohio

You can see the milky haze in the sky from our Youngstown, Ohio weather camera and from our Lake Club camera in eastern Mahoning County.

The Lake Club – Eastern Mahoning County

If you look west, you can see more blue sky. The milky sky is toward the east as the sun lifts higher in the sky today.

The view from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport looking west shows a clear blue sky.

A look to the west from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport.

Is that smoke in the sky?

We are experiencing smoke in the sky today! This smoke is high in the sky and will not cause any impacts on our health, but it will filter the sun today making the sky look milky white at times, especially when you look to the east.

You can see in the image below how the deep smoke plume in the atmosphere is drifting out of Canada and into the northeast corner of Ohio and into Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Where is the smoke coming from?

The smoke high in the sky is caused by wildfires in Central Canada. The atmospheric pattern is pushing these smoke plumes overtop of our region.

Smoke plume in the sky from Canada fires.

If the smoke was not around today, we would have mainly clear blue skies. You can see on the satellite image below that there are not many clouds around today. The smoke is not being picked up by this satellite.

The weather forecast will remain dry and the risk of smoke high in the sky will continue through the day. See how long the dry weather forecast holds this week here.