Is 2021 still considered a dry year here in Youngstown?

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – 2021 kicked off the year with a very wet start back in January. The first week of the year was warm and wet with 0.81″ of rain on the very first day. The month turned around and ended drier than normal with a total of 2.00″ of precipitation, which was 0.55″ below the normal. February also turned out dry with only 1.73″ of precipitation, which was 0.42″ below the normal. We got even drier in March with only 1.60″ of precipitation, which created a deficit of 1.34″ for the month.

Through the first quarter of the year, Youngstown was running a deficit for the year. It looked like we had a good start on a dry year here in Northeast Ohio.

The dry trend continued in April, which delivered 2.83″ of precipitation. The month also ended dry with a deficit of 0.53″ of precipitation.

The winter ended dry here in Youngstown and the spring was off to a very dry start too.

This all started to change in May. It was a cold start, and the rain and snow turned soggy to end spring. May finished as a wet month — the first wet month of 2021! We ended with 4.03″ of precipitation, which was 0.31″ above normal. June turned even wetter with 5.73″ of precipitation, which was 1.83″ above normal.

By the time July 2021 started, we were closing in on the dry start to the year.

July has been very wet too! In fact, we have picked up 4.90″ of precipitation, which makes this month, at this point, 2.14″ above normal.

As of today (July 21, 2021), we are up to 22.82″ of precipitation. We are almost to the exact normal for this point of the year with a deficit of 0.07″ of precipitation.

The wettest year to this point was in 1950. We had experienced more than 32.00″ by this point of that wet year. The driest year to this point was in 2001. We only picked up a little more than 13.00″ by this point of the year.

We are all caught up as we roll through the middle of the summer season.

Your 7 Day Forecast is looking like it will feature some dry weather for a change.

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