The tropics continue to stay active this week as yet another storm has formed.

Idalia was officially named over the weekend and it is currently a tropical storm with maximum sustained wind gusts of 65 MPH.

Satellite loop of Tropical Storm Idalia Monday morning.

Unfortunately, Idalia is forecast to have a major impact on the United States over the next couple of days.

Due to record breaking water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, Idalia will rapidly strengthen over the next few days as it pushes towards the western coast of Florida. Right now, the intensity of Idalia is forecast to be a category 3 storm by landfall with possible maximum sustained wind gusts over 110 MPH.

Forecast path and intensity of Idalia through Saturday morning.

Then, Idalia will continue to bring gusty winds and heavy rainfall to the southeast coast from Florida to the Carolinas through the end of the week.

The graphic below shows how high the winds could be Wednesday morning as Idalia comes ashore. Keep in mind that the forecast location of these winds will continue to change over the next couple of days as Idalia pushes towards Florida.

Actual location of these winds will continue to change over the next couple of days.

Obviously, these strong winds will push ocean water inland across a large stretch of the western Florida coast. The highest storm surge is forecast to be between Chassahowitzka and the Aucilla River where up to 11 feet can be expected. Elsewhere, the Tampa Bay area could experience a peak storm surge between 4 to 7 feet.

Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

Hurricanes are well known for producing heavy rainfall. Idalia will be no different as it will produce between six to 10 inches of rain through Florida and into Georgia and the Carolinas.

Image courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The Storm Team 27 meteorologists will continue to keep you posted on Idalia over the next few days.