(WKBN) – Kentucky has been in the news with recent flooding from heavy rain throughout the past week. How does this heavy rain compare to some of Youngstown’s biggest rainfalls?

Looking at the numbers locally over the past seven days you can see that Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania have not had impressive rainfall totals. We continue to battle the dry weather and flirt with drought conditions in our area.

Local Doppler Accumulated Rainfall over the past seven days.

The rainfall did add up in spots just south of our region into East Central Ohio and into the West Virginia Panhandle. Bigger storms and training rain fell in this location through the past week.

Regional Doppler Accumulated Rainfall over the past seven days.

The heaviest rain fell in Kentucky

The numbers really jump once you look south and along the Ohio Valley region of Kentucky and then back toward St. Louis. This is where the numbers start measuring at a foot, or greater!

7 Day Rainfall through Kentucky causing major flooding.

More than a foot of rain in seven days is a large amount of water. Think about the amount of rain in your yard if that happened, locally. Click on the link below to learn how to calculate that.

How does Kentucky’s seven day rain compare to our records?

Some spots in Eastern Kentucky picked up more than a foot of rainfall in seven days! That is comparable to numbers a Hurricane may produce.

Here in Youngstown, Ohio, we have not been able to add up those kind of numbers so far in recorded history.

The highest seven-day rainfall here in Youngstown, Ohio is 7.25 inches. That happened in July 2003. That number is also tied to the one-day rainfall record of 4.65 inches that fell on July 21, 2003.

In fact, the wettest month on record in Youngstown, Ohio was in 1986. The Youngstown/Warren regional airport picked up 10.66 inches for the month that year.