How to watch: Virginia rocket launch may be visible to Valley postponed to Sunday

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A four-stage Black Brant XII sounding rocket will launch Sunday evening

We will have a chance to see a rocket launching into space Saturday evening.

Courtesy: NASA

It may create a fast light show across a large portion of the eastern United states.

This rocket is a four-stage Black Brant XII sounding rocket and its mission is to explore energy transport in space.

A four-stage Black Brant XII sounding rocket. Credit: NASA

According to NASA, a four-stage Black Brant XII rocket will be used for the mission. The rocket will release barium vapor, which will form two green-violet clouds. The clouds may be visible for about 30 seconds. The barium vapor is not harmful to the environment or public health.

Clouds will limit viewing. Hopefully we can catch a window just in time to see the rocket.

What to look for Rocket launching into space
When to see it: Around 8:00 p.m. on May 9
Where to look: Look toward the East/SouthEast

Area where the launch would be visible under perfect viewing conditions.

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