The tropics are becoming very active. The named storms are increasing this week in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

You can see where the current tropical storm and hurricanes are at the National Hurricane Center.

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season is already into the “F” and “I” names.

Idalia is expected to push through the Northeast Gulf of Mexico and plow into the Western Florida coast late Tuesday and into Wednesday. You can find the storm on Interactive Radar here.

Idalia is not expected to impact our part of the country at this time. We will watch the storm closely as it moves into the southeastern United States.

How do I say Idalia?

According to the National Hurricane Center, Idalia is pronounced “ee-DAL-ya”.

Below is a list of the 2023 tropical storm and hurricane names. You can see how each is pronounced according to the National Hurricane Center.

2023 Tropical Storm & Hurricane Names in the Atlantic
Arlene, ar-LEEN
Bret, bret
Cindy, SIN-dee
Don, dahn
Emily, EH-mih-lee
Franklin, FRANK-lin
Gert, gert
Harold, HAIR-uld
Idalia, ee-DAL-ya
Jose, ho-ZAY
Katia, KAH-tyah
Lee, lee
Margot, MAR-go
Nigel, NY-juhl
Ophelia, o-FEEL-ya
Philippe, fee-LEEP
Rina, REE-nuh
Sean, shawn
Tammy, TAM-ee
Vince, vinss
Whitney, WHIT-nee