So far, May has been dry, with little rainfall. A cold front swept through the area Saturday, bringing much-needed rain. While we did see a decent amount of rain, we are still in a precipitation deficit and likely won’t see much more rainfall throughout the rest of the month. 

How much rain fell on Saturday in Youngstown, Ohio?

The cold front that swept through Saturday morning brought moderate to heavier rainfall to the region, with most locations picking up near a half-inch of rain. At the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, 0.53 inches of rain was recorded. 

0.53″ of rain fell Saturday at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport

How much rain has fallen in May in Youngstown, Ohio?

Over the past few weeks, you have probably noticed the ground getting hard, as there has been little rainfall this month. 

Before Saturday’s rain, the area had only seen 0.77 inches of rain, with a good chunk of that falling in the first few days of the month. When you add in Saturday’s rain, Youngstown has only picked up 1.30 inches of rain this month which is 1.07 inches below normal. That 1.07-inch deficit will likely grow over the coming days.

Is any rain in the forecast for Youngstown, Ohio?

The next several days will be dry across northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania. Current outlooks and models are showing more dry weather than wet through the end of the month.

There is not a single chance for rain in the forecast over the next seven days. 

Looking ahead toward the last few days of May and the start of June, the area has a higher probability of seeing below-normal precipitation. 

6-10 day precipitation outlook
8-14 day precipitation outlook