(WKBN) – During the winter months, the days are short and the nights are long, and if you are tired of these long nights, there is some good news in sight. If you have been outside in the evenings lately, you may have noticed the sun has been setting later. This is because the area has been gaining daylight over the past few weeks.

How much daylight has the Youngstown area gained since the Winter Solstice?

While you may not have noticed it, the area has been gaining daylight since December 21, which was the Winter Solstice, and the shortest day of the year. Since then, the Youngstown area has gained just under 16 minutes of daylight. This number will continue to increase as we head throughout the next several months.

How much daylight will the Youngstown area gain over the next month?

Throughout the next month, the Youngstown area will gain about 1-2 minutes of daylight per day. In total, the area will gain 1 hour and 3 minutes of daylight between today (January 12) and February 12. On February 12, the sun will rise at 7:21 am. and will not set until 5:52 pm.

Youngstown area sunrise, sunset, daylength and the gain of daylight between January 12 and February 12

DateSunriseSunsetDaylengthTime Difference
1-127:46 am5:15 pm9:28:35+1:21
1-137:46 am5:16 pm9:30:00+1:25
1-147:46 am5:17 pm9:31:29+1:28
1-157:45 am5:18 pm9:33:00+1:31
1-167:45 am5:19 pm9:34:35+1:34
1-177:44 am5:20 pm9:36:12+1:37
1-187:44 am5:22 pm9:37:53+1:40
1-197:43 am5:23 pm9:39:36+1:43
1-207:43 am5:24 pm9:41:22+1:45
1-217:42 am5:25 pm9:43:11+1:48
1-227:41 am5:26 pm9:45:02+1:51
1-237:41 am5:28 pm9:46:56+1:53
1-247:40 am5:29 pm9:48:52+1:56
1-257:39 am5:30 pm9:50:50+1:58
1-267:38 am5:31 pm9:52:51+2:00
1-277:38 am5:32 pm9:54:54+2:03
1-287:37 am5:34 pm9:56:59+2:05
1-297:36 am5:35 pm9:59:06+2:07
1-307:35 am5:36 pm10:01:16+2:09
1-317:34 am5:37 pm10:03:27+2:11
2-17:33 am5:39 pm10:05:40+2:12
2-27:32 am5:40 pm10:07:54+2:14
2-37:31 am5:41 pm10:10:11+2:16
2-47:30 am5:42 pm10:12:29+2:18
2-57:29 am5:44 pm10:14:48+2:19
2-67:28 am5:45 pm10:17:09+2:21
2-77:27 am5:46 pm10:19:32+2:22
2-87:26 am5:47 pm10:21:56+2:23
2-97:24 am5:49 pm10:24:21+2:25
2-107:23 am5:50 pm10:26:48+2:26
2-117:22 am5:51 pm10:29:15+2:27
2-127:21 am5:52 pm10:31:44+2:28
Youngstown area sunrise, sunset, daylength and the gain of daylight between January 12 and February 12