(WKBN) – Cloudy skies have dominated our weather this winter. That is most likely not a surprise to most across Northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. We do live in one of the cloudier parts of the country.

This pattern does not have many signs of breaking other than a few peaks of sun here and there.

How many cloudy days has Youngstown, Ohio had so far this winter?

Looking back to the start of meteorological winter, the area has accumulated 24 cloudy days, nine partly cloudy days and two clear days.

That means that throughout the past 35 days, the area was cloudy 69% of the days, partly cloudy 26% of the days and clear around 5% of the days.

When was the last clear day in Youngstown, Ohio?

The last clear day in Youngstown, Ohio was on December 9, 2022. That was 26 days ago!

The forecast does not have too many clear days as we move through our first week of January.