How can lake effect showers be in the forecast this early?

Youngstown Weather

(WKBN) – Cooler temperatures will return for a few days as a large trough of low pressure swings into the Great Lakes. The air will be cold enough to produce lake effect/enhanced showers.

Lake effect is unique to our region of the country. The Great Lakes provide a perfect source for this type of weather. The lakes warm through the summer and then are grazed by cold airmasses into the fall and winter, causing lake effect form.

The Lake Erie water temperature is in the mid 70’s this time of year. The air does not have to be extremely cold as it flows overtop of the water to cause lake effect showers. That is going to be the case through the end of the week.

A large area of low pressure will carve a trough into our region sweeping the colder temperatures in above the ground. This colder air will push across Lake Erie and cause clouds to form. Some will be big enough to produce showers.

It is too warm to produce snow all the way to the ground, but lake effect rain showers are expected to form in the traditional snowbelts of NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania. The showers in the forecast will come to an end as the weekend starts.

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