(WKBN) – We are in for a hot Labor Day weekend this year in Youngstown, Ohio. Temperatures will continue to build into the 80’s and even low 90’s.

The weather forecast for Labor Day is a hot one with highs expected to reach the lower 90’s.

Labor Day falls on Sept. 4 this year. This date currently has a record high of 94°F set in 1953.

What is the hottest Labor Day temperature in Youngstown, Ohio?

The hottest Labor Day in Youngstown, Ohio took place in 1953. The temperature climbed to 93°F that year as Labor Day fell on Sept. 6, 1954.

This year, Labor Day will fall on Sept. 4. The record high for Sept. 4 is 94°F. That record high temperature was set in 1953.

So, we will need to tie 93°F, or hotter, to be the hottest Labor Day on record.

We will need to tie 94°F, or higher, to create a new record for Sept. 4.

If we reach 94°, we will also create the hottest Labor Day on record in Youngstown, Ohio.