(WKBN) – We are halfway through the final month of meteorological summer, and we have only made it to 90°F one time to this point.

The weather forecast this week will be cooler with a return to some summer heat through the end of the weekend and into next week.

Is it a hot summer in Youngstown, Ohio?

The meteorological summer started with a below-normal average temperature as June wrapped up. The month ended -1.7°F. A colder than normal June.

July was up and down but ended slightly above normal with an average temperature of +0.5°F by the end of the month.

August has been back and forth too so far. As of today, August 15, 2023, the average temperature for the month of August is running +0.5″ above normal.

To this point, the average temperature for meteorological summer in Youngstown, Ohio is running a half degree below normal overall. June 1 through August 15 average temperature for Youngstown, Ohio is -0.5°F.

Are the hottest temperatures of the summer on the way?

The wet pattern we have been in for close to two months is showing signs of changing. This change will not only bring a pattern that will be drier, but it will also let warmer temperatures make a push toward our region.

The summer has only featured one 90°F day to this point, so it won’t take temperatures too hot to break that reading.

There is a chance in the coming weeks, as this pattern shifts, that we see a 90° reading or higher.

We are far from being done with summer heat this year. The wetter pattern has kept our temperatures cooler, but it looks like that will be changing as we end the meteorological summer.