What is heat index?
Heat Index is the air temperature coupled with the humidity or how the air feels to your body. When the air temperatures is hot, and there’s a lot of moisture in the air (or a lot of humidity) it will feel even hotter outside.

Your body cools by sweating. When the humidity is high, sweat evaporation slows down. when that moisture on your skin can’t evaporate – the heat is almost trapped. When the humidity is low, the moisture evaporates and your body cools.

When your body gets TOO hot , there are risks. You could suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Signs of these are feeling tired, weak or dizzy, having excessive thirst or a headache and muscle cramps. You should get to a cool place immediately, or seek medical help if you suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

What ways do you stay cool in the summer? Here are some ideas:
– Stay hydrated
– Go inside where there is A/C or under the shade
– Wear light color clothing
– Take a swim in the pool!

Want to calculate the heat index yourself? Click here.