(WKBN) – Halloween is October 31, 2022. The holiday is one that is full of costumes, candy, and many other fun fall activities. The blowing leaves and cooler temperatures typically make you notice that the cooler season is on the way and more snow will sweep in as the winter approaches.

The date is always October 31, So it is easy to pull up climate information that has been recorded here in Youngstown, Ohio for the holiday.

Is snow common for Halloween in Youngstown, Ohio?

Snowfall is not that common on Halloween, but it has happened. Many people you talk to have a story about when they were young trick or treating in snow.

The big question is when did that happen in recorded history?

Climate data measuring snowfall goes back to 1934. Of course, it snowed at some point in history before this date, but there is not a recorded record of it to show.

When did it snow on Halloween in Youngstown, Ohio?

Looking through the recorded snowfall measurements at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport, you will find that it only snowed four times from 1934 to 2021!

That means that in a total of 87 years, it only snowed four times. That also means that 95% of the time there is no snow on Halloween in Youngstown, Ohio when using the recorded measurements back to 1934.

Below you will see the list of days it has snowed on Halloween in Youngstown, Ohio

Year of SnowAmount of SnowHow Many Years Ago?
19541.8 Inches of Snow68
1963Trace of Snow/Hail59
19935.1 Inches of Snow29
2019Trace of Snow/Hail3
Years that recorded snow on Halloween in Youngstown, Ohio

This data is isolated to the Youngstown/Warren regional airport. It is possible that snow fell in your town during other years and the data would not show up on the climate data used for this story.

So, if you are younger than three years old, it has not snowed/hailed on Halloween for you. If you are around 29, or older, you lived through the snowiest Halloween on Record in Youngstown, Ohio.

What was the snowiest Halloween on record?

The snowiest Halloween on record in Youngstown, Ohio was on October 31, 1993. A total of 5.1″ inches fell that day.

It does not look like we will add to the list of four days with snow a the airport this year as the forecast is looking too warm.

Wet Halloweens are more common. We average 0.11 inches of rain on October 31.

In fact, we had the wettest Halloween on record not too long ago in 2019; 1.48 inches of rain fell that day!