The Perseid meteor shower will reach the peak time of the year for viewing this week. The shower shows up each summer and lasts through early Sept.

Why our region will have a good view during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower this year

This year we are in for a treat in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania as great weather will move in just in time for the peak of this shower. The peak of the shower is expected between Aug. 11 and Aug. 13.

The best time to see the shower is early in the morning.

Why the moon will limit this year’s Perseid meteor shower

The moonlight plays a big role in seeing the Perseid shower.

If there is not a bright moon, the shower can produce between 150 to 200 meteors per hour. When the moon is bright and full, the number of meteors is much lower, and a normal year produces around 100 meteors per hour at peak.

Unfortunately, this year’s full moon will be close to the peak of the shower on Aug. 11, which will limit the spectacular show that the shower could provide. A rate of 50 to 75 meteors per hour may be visible if conditions are right during the peak.

The good news is that our weather looks great with clearing skies and dry conditions for most of the peak.

The bad news is that the full moon will limit the number of meteors we can see.