Christmas is officially a week away and the wintry conditions outside Sunday are Christmas-like.

Throughout the years, there have been many interesting weather events that took place in the Valley during the Christmas holiday. I am going to write about some of the more interesting weather events that occurred on Christmas Eve and day and also temperature/precipitation extremes for the holiday.

What year had the most snow?

This particular statistic is up for some debate depending on your definition of “most”. Weather stations measure snow in two different ways:

  1. New snowfall: Snow that actually accumulated that day
  2. Snow depth: The combination of previous snowfall and snowfall from that day

The Christmas day that had the most new snowfall was very recent. A snow storm resulted in 5.8″ of new snow on Christmas Day in 2020. There was 3.8″ of snow that fell on Christmas Eve which would have resulted in a total snow depth of 9.6″ on Christmas Day at one point.

However, the total snow depth is not measured until the afternoon which allows melting to occur. The snow depth was measured at 7″ in 2020 which has occurred two other times (1960, 1968) since 1952.

The Christmas day with the most snow depth occurred in 1995 after a series of snowfall events that occurred in the days prior resulted in a depth of 10 inches for the holiday.

The most new snow and most snow depth for Christmas.

When was the coldest Christmas Day?

The coldest Christmas day was recorded in 1983 when the low temperature dropped to -12°F and the high temperature only reach 1°F.

This was quite the arctic airmass. In fact, the temperature failed to reach 20 degrees from December 23rd – December 26th during 1983 and the low temperature fell to -12°F on both Christmas morning and the day after Christmas.

The average high temperature for Christmas Day in Youngstown is 36°F while the average low temperature is 23°F. Therefore, the high and low temperature that occurred on Christmas Day in 1983 was 35 degrees below average!

The coldest Christmas Day occurred in 1983

When was the warmest Christmas Day?

Interestingly, the warmest Christmas Day occurred in 1982 which was one year before the coldest Christmas Day.

In 1982, the low temperature was 60°F and the high temperature was 66°F. There were multiple warm days in December of 1982. On December 3rd, the temperature reached 76°F at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport which is the warmest temperature ever recorded in the month of December.

The temperature reached 69°F on December 28th in 1983 which is also a daily record. Overall, the month of 1982 produced 6 daily high temperature records which is the most of any year for the month of December.

The warmest Christmas Day occurred in 1982

What will the weather be like this year for Christmas? There is a big storm forming to the west that will bring snow and brutal cold to the Valley.