Geology, climate expert explains if current weather patterns are normal or man-made


It’s been over two weeks since the technical first day of spring, but Mother Nature has not seemed to have gotten the memo.

More snow fell overnight from Friday into Saturday, and the winter-like temperatures are sticking around for the weekend.

Dr. Richard Alley, a geology professor at Penn State University, is part of a group that won a Nobel Prize for its research on climate change.

He says a slight change in the weather and the seasons may have happened.

“When you increase CO2, the world warms and then other things notice that it’s warmed, including sea ice. That changes where the waves go and where the storms go, and we might have made these a little more likely,” Alley said.

As of Saturday morning, the National Weather Service measured over five inches of snow at the Youngstown airport for the month of April 2018.

Last April, two inches fell, and in April of 2016, nearly nine inches fell.

In fact, three out of the top 10 snowiest Aprils recorded at Youngstown’s airport have come within the last 15 years.

“This question of whether this ridiculously cold weather is our account or is it just nature doing what nature does — if I had to bet right now, I’d say it’s just nature doing what nature does,” Alley said.

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