(WKBN) — February is coming to a close today which will end a month that has rarely felt like a traditional winter in the Valley. You do not have to be an expert to know that this has been a warm February, but how does February 2023 stack up to previous years?

In terms of the high temperature, February 2023 was the warmest February on record here in Youngstown with an average high temperature of 48.7°F which is 11.5° warmer than the normal average February high temperature of 37.2°F.

The average high temperature of February 2023 is 1.3° above the next warmest February which occurred in 2017. You can see the rankings of the top-10 warmest Februaries of all time in terms of average high temperature below:

RankYearAverage High Temperature(°F)
Top ten rankings of warmest Februaries at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport in terms of high temperatures.

February 2023 ranks as the second warmest of all time in terms of the average temperature. This accounts for the high and the low temperature. The average temperature in the month of February for 2023 was 37.2°F which is 1.1° below the all-time warmest average temperature of February 2017.

In total, there were 24 days in February when the high temperature was above average. This included a stretch from Feb. 5-23 where the temperature was above average every day.

The high temperatures experienced in February were more like what you would expect from March 8 through April 3. Altogether, the weather in Youngstown in February 2023 was more similar to what would be expected in a typical February in Baltimore, Maryland.

High-temperature departure from average at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport for February 2023.

During that stretch, there were three days — Feb. 9, Feb. 15, and Feb. 23 — where the high temperature was 30+ degrees above average. A daily high-temperature record for Youngstown was broken on Feb. 15 when the temperature reached 69°F. Another record was tied 8 days later when the high temperature once again reached 69°F on Feb. 23.

In total, nearly 86% of the days in February featured a high temperature that was above average.

February Precipitation

Contrary to what you might think, there were actually 20 days in the month of February with recorded precipitation at the airport. However, on most of those days, very small amounts of precipitation were recorded.

Precipitation recorded at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport for February 2023. “T” represents a trace amount of precipitation.

In total, 2.07″ of precipitation was recorded at the airport in 2023 which is 0.45″ below the average February precipitation. This will go down as tied for the 42nd driest February of all time.

This February was on track to be much drier, but the airport has recorded 1.82″ out of the 2.07″ total in the last week.

February snowfall

Given the fact that the temperatures in February were the warmest of all time, you would expect February 2023 to be one of the least snowy of all time.

You would be correct.

There was 0.4″ of snow recorded at the airport in the month of 2023. This is the second least snowy February of all time. The least snowy February occurred in 1998 when only a trace of snow was recorded at the airport. The top ten least snowy Februaries of all time are shown below.

RankYearSnowfall (inches)
Top ten least snowy Februaries at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport. “T” designates a trace amount.

The month of March will start off on a warm note. You can read about what the beginning of March will bring here.