Our weather has turned dry across northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We are into a series of days without rain and have flipped the coin on what was a wet and very cold start to the month.

How many days in of dry weather this month?

We kicked off the month of May in Youngstown, Ohio with four straight days of precipitation. It was cold too.

On the fifth day of the month we started our drier pattern and since that point we have more dry days than wet to this point.

Since the May 5, we have only recorded two days with precipitation. We had a small amount of rain on May 7 with only 0.03,” and then on the May 13 we picked up 0.02.”

We have only recorded 0.05″ of rainfall since May 5.

There were three days with a trace.

12 out of the past 14 days have been dry! 86% of the days have been dry from May 5 through May 18.

Is rain in the forecast?

There is a chance for rain showers as we end the week and move into the start of the weekend. You can track the rain and see tomorrow’s weather forecast here.

Once we get past the late week and early weekend storm system you can expect more dry weather.

Storm system will sweep through Ohio and Pennsylvania with a chance for showers or a thunderstorm on Friday and into early Saturday morning.

How dry are we right now?

As of Thursday morning Youngstown, Ohio is 1.23 inches below normal in rainfall.

The Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport has only recorded 0.77″ so far this month. Most of that fell during the first four days of the month.

We are currently the 14th driest on record to this date of the month. The driest to this point was in 1949 when only 0.06″ of rain had fallen to this point of the month.

Are we in a drought?

The answer is no, we are not in a drought in our part of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

We are running drier than normal in a large part of our area but not in a drought as of Thursday.

The drought monitor is updated every Thursday.

Updated drought monitor for Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Will it be dry through the end of the month?

Current outlooks and models are looking for more dry weather than wet through the end of the month. This weather pattern is one that is producing large high pressure systems under ridges that are placed across the United States and Canada that help keep our are dry.

This pattern looks like it will hold through a big part of the 2nd half of the month. We will see a wave now and then that can produce rain, but the overall pattern is looking drier than normal through the end of the month.