For the past few months, part of our viewing area has been categorized as experiencing abnormally dry conditions on the U.S. Drought Monitor. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows which areas are experiencing drought conditions. It also shows which areas are close to entering drought conditions. It is updated weekly, with the update released every Thursday. The Nov. 3 update shows an expansion of abnormally dry conditions across NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania.

What does the Nov. 3 update to the U.S. Drought Monitor show for the Youngstown area?

Due to little rainfall over the past week, the drought monitor shows an expansion of dry conditions across the area. The updated map shows an increase in the percentages of Mahoning and Columbiana counties considered “abnormally dry.” After not being considered abnormally dry the past several weeks, parts of Trumbull, Mercer and Lawrence counties are back to being considered “abnormally dry.” Below is a comparison of this week’s and last week’s updates.

Comparison of U.S. Drought Monitor Oct. 27 and Nov. 3 updates
County Nov. 3 % of the county considered “abnormally dry” Oct. 27 % of the county considered “abnormally dry” 
Mahoning 100%6.92%
Trumbull 36.90%0%
Columbiana 70.59%36.46%
The percentage of each county considered “abnormally dry” on the U.S. Drought Monitor Nov. 3 update and Oct. 27 update

What does the Nov. 3 update to the U.S. Drought Monitor show for the rest of Ohio? 

There is a bigger drought problem in the western half of the state. Several locations to our west, including places like Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati and just to the west of Columbus, are all experiencing moderate drought conditions. 85% of Ohio is experiencing abnormally dry conditions while 42% of Ohio is experiencing moderate drought conditions.

U.S. Drought Monitor Nov. 3 update for Ohio

How much rain has fallen across the Youngstown area over the last week?

Over the past seven days, the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport picked up 0.15” of rain. Most of that fell on Halloween. The rest of the rain fell on Nov. 1. Throughout the rest of the area, most locations picked up less than 0.25” of rain in the past seven days.

Estimated rainfall over the past seven days

Will the Youngstown area see any rain in the coming days?

There are only a few rain chances in the forecast as we head into the weekend and the first half of next week.

Chance of rain in the Youngstown area over the next five days

A quick-moving storm system will arrive over the weekend, bringing our only chance of rain over the next several days. As this system moves into the Valley, showers will become likely across the area Saturday night into early Sunday morning. The rest of the weekend and the first half of next week will be dry, with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies.

For a look at what to plan for over the next week, check the Storm Team 27 Youngstown area 7-day forecast.