(WKBN) – Although the weather is currently nice across our region, we all know colder weather is coming at some point this year.

WKBN went out to discover if your car’s tires are safe as we head into the cold and snowy part of the winter season. Eric Krauss, from B&R Wholesale Tire, showed us what kind of tire we should be looking for heading into winter and whether or not our car tires in our driveways are good snow tires.

Check out the videos in this story to get a better understanding of what to look for in your tires.

Eric said the biggest difference you’re going to see between going from a snow tire to an all-season is the stopping distance.

So, what would you look for if it was a snow tire?

Eric said you’ll see a lot of these smaller cuts, and these cuts are called sipes. Winter tires have a series of these small cuts throughout the tread, and the rubber is actually made of a softer compound, which is really going to help grab the ground.

Eric went on to say that the winter tire is going to stop sometimes up to twice as well as a standard all-season, or a summer tire. So, closing that gap between when you first hit the brakes to when your vehicle actually stops is going to be the biggest difference.

The more sipes on the tire, the more grip it will create on slippery roads.

If you have all-season tires on your car, that is OK, too. Many are made to handle snow as well.

Some people use a summer tire and a winter tire. Eric said that you can actually make your tires last several years if you switch them out from winter to summer.