(WKBN) – Cars can add up the miles over a number of years, especially older ones. Some cars and trucks may even provide an outstanding amount of miles before it is time to retire the vehicle.

Looking at the odometer may make you wonder how far all those high miles would actually take you if you were able to drive straight through.

Let’s take a look at how far your car could have traveled and how long it would have taken to get there if you did not stop at all.

How far away is the Moon?

The moon is about 238,855 miles away from the earth. Let’s do the math.

If you drive at 65mph and travel non-stop it would take around 3,675 hours to drive to the moon. Around 153 days without stopping!

We know that is not possible, but if your car has 238,855 miles on it, you can say it has enough miles to drive to moon.

Tracking your car’s miles

Below is a list of locations and how many miles away they are traveling at 65mph non-stop:

Location To Drive if PossibleApproximate Distance# of Hours# of Days# of Years
Youngstown, OH to Los Angeles, CA2,400 miles37 hours1.5 days
Around the Earth at Equator24,901 miles383 hours16 days
To the Space Station240 miles3.7 hours
To the Moon238,855 miles3,675 hours153 days
To the Sun93,000,000 miles1,430,769 hours59,615 days163 years