Did the wet summer help produce the 3rd largest pumpkin at the Canfield Fair?

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The 2021 Canfield Fair is in full swing. One of the fun things to watch each year is the giant pumpkin weights that growers try to achieve. This year’s pumpkin topped out at 1,337 pounds! That made it the third-largest pumpkin weighed in at the fair through the years.

The top three largest pumpkins at the Canfield fair have all been over 1,000 pounds. The largest was 1,512 pounds in 2017. The second-largest was 1,381 pounds in 2018. The third-largest was 1,337 pounds this year.

Does a wet Summer equal a large pumpkin? I looked through the numbers over the past five years to see if there was a correlation.

This is what I found. Summer of 2021 is the wettest by a large margin with a surplus of 8.82 inches. That would make sense with more rain for the pumpkin to grow. However, the top two largest pumpkins grew in summer seasons that were drier than normal. The second-largest pumpkin was 0.86″ below normal rainfall for the summer season. The largest pumpkin in 2017 was grown during a summer that was very close to normal. It ended with a 0.01″ below normal rainfall total.

I could only come up with two conclusions from these results. The area where the pumpkins grew were in a dry spot, or the pumpkin growers watered the pumpkins every day regardless of the rainfall from nature.

One interesting fact I did find is that the colder the summer, the bigger the pumpkin, according to this small sample of the largest pumpkins at the fair.

Here is a look at the numbers during the June through August period each year:

Largest Pumpkin was in 2017
– Average Temperature = 69.4°
Rainfall 11.42″ (-0.01 to Normal Rainfall)

Second-Largest Pumpkin was in 2018
– Average Temperature = 71.6°
Rainfall 10.57″ (-0.86 to Normal Rainfall)

Third-Largest Pumpkin was in 2021
– Average Temperature = 71.7°
Rainfall 20.47″ (+8.82 to Normal Rainfall)

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