(WKBN) – A very active weather pattern is in place this week across the United States. This pattern is producing several disturbances causing rain, snow, wind and thunderstorms.

Temperatures from north to south across the country range from below zero in the northern plains to the 90s in south Texas Wednesday afternoon. In the middle of this large temperature range is an active storm track.

The storm track is moving several large waves of low pressure with snow and wintry weather to the north and rain showers and thunderstorms to the south. Near record-breaking heat is tied to this storm system.

The storm that some media outlets are calling Olive is helping to provide part of a snow track that is showing up from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States Wednesday afternoon.

What can we expect here in Youngstown, Ohio?

The active weather pattern has already produced a wintry mix through our region Wednesday morning. Look for temperatures to slowly warm through the day ending any threat of wintry mix. Rain showers with the chance for a thunderstorm will be possible into Wednesday night.

Gusty wind is expected to return later Wednesday night and then again into Thursday afternoon. Gusts up to 40mph, or higher will be possible.

Will a record-high temperature be broken?

Temperatures are expected to climb into the mid to upper 60s on Thursday. There is a chance that some spots can get warmer if the storm pushes to the north.

The record high temperature for Feb. 23 is 69° set in 2017.

Will the winter storm bring snow?

The colder part of the storm will impact our region Thursday night and Friday. The risk of a snow shower or flurry will be possible. The heavy snow from this major winter storm system will stay well to the north of our area.