We started September with a lot of sunshine and low humidity on the first day here in Youngstown. That did not last long as the rain, humidity and clouds rolled back in fast through the first week of the month.

A look at the clear/partly cloudy/cloudy days

Sept. 1 – Mostly sunny
Sept. 2 – Partly sunny
Sept. 3 – Mostly cloudy
Sept. 4 – Mostly cloudy
Sept. 5 – Mostly cloudy
Sept. 6 – Mostly cloudy
Sept. 7 – The forecast is here.

Where we stand this month

So far this month we have picked up only one clear day. That was on the first day of the month. We picked up a partly sunny day on the second. The last four days have been cloudy.

Looking through recorded history, Youngstown will average seven clear days, ten partly cloudy days and 13 cloudy days.

SeptemberAverage # of Days with Sky CoverPercent of the Month
Cloudy Days13 Days43% of the month
Partly Cloudy Days10 Days33% of the month
Clear Days7 Days23% of the month
Days in Youngstown during September with cloudy. partly cloudy, clear skies.

See the chart below if you are wondering how many days through the year we are cloudy, partly cloudy, clear here in Youngstown.

Each YearAverage # of Days with Sky CoverPercent of the Year
Cloudy Days205 Days56% of the Year
Partly Cloudy Days97 Days27% of the Year
Clear Days63 Days17% of the Year
Days in Youngstown during year with cloudy. partly cloudy, clear skies.

Hopefully, we will see more sunshine as the month rolls along.