BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The heavy snow across the Valley has left many cars stuck on the side of the road. A local mechanic discussed which cars top the list for Northeast Ohio winters.

“Anything four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive actually really is really good for this area and this kind of weather right now,” said David Untch, owner of Sampson Performance in Boardman.

But what’s the difference?

“Four-wheel drive you can basically lock everything in so you can get a full-time four-wheel drive. All-wheel drive will basically kick from one wheel to the other for your fronts and then your rears as it’s needed when it’s spinning,” said Untch.

All kinds of cars were getting stuck from two-wheel to four-wheel to sedans to SUVs. The secret to success lies where the rubber meets the road.

“If you want to be extra safe of course get snow tires…you can go with a tri-peak tire, which is a really good overall tire, it grips good in the snow. A lot of people just run like an all-season they’re good but it’s not going to do the same as the other two.”

The big takeaways are to get all-wheel or four-wheel drive – whether you prefer a sedan or an SUV – and make sure you get good tires.

“We’ve had some that have come in for switching over to snow tires especially lately,” said Untch.

Also remember to always pay attention.

“As far as driving in the weather be safe, be smart and don’t pretend it’s summertime outside,” said Untch.

If you don’t have four-wheel or all-wheel drive just make sure to take it slow and check your tires.