This is the season when temperatures get warmer and the flowers and trees bloom. It is bittersweet to many as it is also the season for pollen that will trigger allergies causing a runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and sneezing.

We are warming up, and the day length gets longer through spring. This creates growing trees, grass and flowers. They all produce some sort of pollen or allergen at some point in their growth curve. The forecast will stay warm through the weekend.

There are three main parts to allergy season for our part of the country.

The first part of allergy season for our part of the country is tree pollen. The tree pollen starts as trees bud out and start to grow their leaves and flowers depending on the type of tree. This season will last well into May for Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Tree pollen is typically highest in the morning.

The second part of allergy season features grass pollen. As grasses grow, they go through several stages including a boot stage and then a heading stage. Once they head out, they will develop their seeds or flowers which will create pollen. This season will start in May and last through a big part of summer in our region.

The third part of allergy season includes weed pollens. These can start as early as May but are more likely into June, July and Aug. as the bigger weeds such as ragweed, sorrel and nettle bloom out.

Our part of the country typically deals with allergens from April through August with weed and grass pollens lasting into September through some years. It will depend on the weather.

Your immune system trying to react to these allergens is the reason your body develops scratchy/watery eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. Pollen allergens can even trigger asthma attacks in some people.