April’s weather has been full of twists and turns.

The first day started off with a bang when severe thunderstorms impacted the Valley causing damage to trees, homes, and businesses.

Then, there was the period during the middle of April which felt more summerlike with warm temperatures and little precipitation.

However, winter returned last week as many of you experienced snow once again.

April 2023 had been relatively dry until yesterday. In fact, there was a period of nine days in a row without precipitation at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport between April 6 and April 15 which coincided with multiple record breaking high temperatures.

The airport was in a 1.37 precipitation deficit as of Thursday, April 20. However, Saturday, the deficit was nearly completely erased when 1.03″ of rain was recorded at the airport.

The blue line represents the average precipitation through April 22 while the red line represents the precipitation recorded in April of 2023.

Three details stand out in the image above. First, the dry spell between April 6 and April 15, which resulted in record breaking temperatures.

Next, the rainfall deficit as shown by the recorded precipitation on April 20 and the average precipitation is striking.

Finally, the recovery of the accumulated precipitation as a result of Saturday’s heavy rain is impressive.

More precipitation on the way to end April

There is more rain on the way to end the month of April. The average precipitation for April is 3.75″ in Youngstown, which means that 1.37″ of rain needs to fall between now and midnight of April 30th.

Forecast rainfall from the Global Forecast System (GFS – yellow line) and the European Model (EURO – blue line).

The European model suggests that we will be close to reaching 1.37″ of rain, while the GFS forecasts less rain.

Regardless, we definitely will not be ending April on a dry streak!