We are stuck in a cold pattern this week with cold nights and slowly warming days. Our temperatures will warm back up into the weekend. The 7 Day Forecast is warmer.

A freeze warning is up for the entire region with lows falling into the mid to upper 20s by Friday morning.

Temperatures were close to a record low Thursday morning with a low of 26° (normal low is 42°). The record low will hold that was set in 1946. The Record low is 24° for 4/28/2022.

The record low for Friday is 25° set in 1977. We will once again be close to that reading as temperatures dip into the mid to upper 20s.

Light wind and mostly clear skies will help temperatures drop through the night with frost developing into the early morning.

That makes two nights in a row with near record lows and freeze warnings.

The cold nights will last into the start of the weekend with patchy frost possible into Saturday morning.

If you have plants or flowers, you are concerned about you may want to cover or bring them into a safe shelter from the cold into Friday morning. You will have to do this one more time on Saturday morning.

Warmer nights return Saturday night through early next week.