We are watching for the chance of a stronger winter storm to develop by late Sunday. Models are in agreement on this storm and the path will throw heavy snow in our direction by Sunday night. Right now, it looks like the the potential for more than 6 inches will be possible. Watch the video above for the updated forecast.

Colder temperatures will return into the start of the weekend with high temperatures on Saturday only reaching the low 20’s. This cold air will be pushed into the area from a strong high-pressure system to our north in Canada. This cold air will also be a key player in the bigger storm developing through the late weekend.

The winter storm will develop through the mid-south and work its way toward the coast into Sunday night and Monday. The big question is how far east this storm will track. A wobble in the track would be a big difference in snow accumulation locally. We are also watching for a chance of freezing rain or sleet to mix in through the night. This would push some of the snow down and limit snow accumulation.

The image below shows snow developing Sunday morning based on the GFS (American Weather Model) to our south.

The storm will start pushing snow into our region by late Sunday and into Sunday night indicated on this model run of the GFS model. Again, this is a model and this storm still has a lot of room to wobble as it develops late-weekend.

By Monday morning, the storm will be pushing east of our region with colder air wrapping in on the backside of the system.

This storm has the potential to become a big snowmaker. The biggest question will be the track of the storm and that track will determine how strong the storm can get. It will also determine where the heaviest snowbands are.

We will be keeping a close eye on the system and update as it gets closer. Keep up with the forecast here.