Warming temperatures and atmospheric mixing will create an environment that will become unhealthy for sensitive groups across the area on Thursday.

What is the Air Quality Index for Youngstown?

The Air Quality Index is expected to push toward 101 AQI on Thursday near Youngstown. This also includes the Warren region.

This “orange” level is a step above the moderate level, which we are in today (Wednesday, May 31, 2023).

The higher level is considered to be unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Who is impacted by air quality?

If you suffer from a lung disease such as asthma or other lung health concerns, you will want to reduce your exposure by trying to focus on less strenuous activities. You will also want to limit the amount of time you are outdoors.

If you do not suffer from lung issues, you are OK to enjoy the outdoors. Although, adjust your activity and time in the heat according to your health.

The weather forecast is for a warm day with temperatures pushing into the upper 80s and plenty of sunshine to beam down on you.

High pressure is providing dry weather and a wind flow, which results in not only transporting pollutants but will also enhance ozone development.

AQI (Air Quality Index) levels are expected to be high to moderate on Thursday, June 1, 2023, near Youngstown.

June 1, 2023, is an Air Quality Day for the Youngstown/Warren region. This was issued by the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments.

The higher AQI level will remain elevated through the end of the week as warm temperatures stick around the Mahoning Valley.