(WKBN) — It has rained on and off throughout the past seven days here in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Many yards are soggy and many are looking ahead to a better weekend with dry weather. See your weekend weather forecast here.

Rainfall through the week added up to more than five inches in some spots. The storms also produced gusty wind at times, as well as hail and dangerous lightning.

It has been a stormy week across eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. The area has gone through multiple severe thunderstorm warnings and even a tornado warning last Saturday. You can see some of the pictures from the strong storm here.

Doppler radar estimated rainfall across the area in the past seven days.

Are we still dry or in a drought?

The drought monitor came out Thursday and we are no longer in a drought, or abnormally dry in our area.

There are a few pockets in western Ohio that are still abnormally dry. The closest drought conditions are southeast of Buffalo, New York.

A better weekend is expected and look for more dry weather and warmer temperatures to start next week. Finally, a pattern flip will help dry the area out after weeks of rain showers every few days.