Our colder temperatures will not last long this week as warmer air is on the move.

The weather pattern is shifting into the weekend as a large storm system swings across the country. Temperatures will be near, or above, record highs Saturday as this storm moves through. The record high for Saturday is 61° set in 1979. This warm air will come with rain into the weekend.

This warm pattern will continue next week with temperatures above normal through most of the week. More sunshine and dry weather are expected early next week.

Once the snow threat ends into Wednesday morning, the chance for more snow into next week is low. The bulk of the snow will be out west, and north up in Canada as the warm air controls our weather here at home.

The pattern is expected to remain warm through the middle of the month. As the warm air starts to shift east, the wetter weather will return.

Winter officially starts at 10:59 a.m. on December 21. If the pattern shifts, it looks like it will be the week winter officially starts. This is the week before Christmas.

A shift in a large-scale pattern and breakdown of warm air usually features a big storm system. We will have to see if enough cold air can return to bring snow just in time for Christmas.