(WKBN) – As long as the clouds can clear this evening, we are in for some fun in the western sky as five planets align this evening.

Take a few minutes and look toward the western sky to catch the alignment of Mars, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

5 planets align tonight – This is a look at what the western sky will feature at 8:15 p.m. on 3/28/2023.

Where to look to see the alignment of the planets

A little after sunset, you will be able to catch a very bright Venus in the western sky. Just next to Venus will be Uranus. Uranus will be hard to see and you may need a pair of binoculars or a telescope to catch both of them.

You can look up into the sky toward the west and catch the moon. Just below the moon, you will find Mars. Mars will look like an orange dot next to the moon.

It is best if you can be high on the horizon to catch the best view of all the planets together.

Mercury and Jupiter may be tough to catch if you are low on the horizon and have trees blocking your view. Jupiter is only seven degrees above the surface.

The planets will be stacked below the moon starting with Mars and ending with Jupiter near the horizon.