Hurricane season starts June 1 in the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is the time of the year that warm ocean water and upper air weather patterns help produce these big storms.

Each year the NHC (National Hurricane Center) names these storms. The names rotate and change through a series of years.

Hurricanes have been named since 1953 by the World Meteorological Organization. There are six lists that are rotated through. If a hurricane or storm is very costly or deadly that it has a bad association, it will be retired in the next list and replaced with another name of the same gender and first letter. For example, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina was a major natural disaster, and thus the name was retired and replaced with Katia when the list came back around in 2011.

Will your name be a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane during the 2022 season?

Below is the list of names for this year’s hurricane season and their pronunciations:
Alex AL-leks
Bonnie BAH-nee
Colin KAH-lihn
Danielle dan-YELL
Earl URR-ull
Fiona fee-OH-nuh
Gaston ga-STAWN
Hermine her-MEEN
Ian EE-an
Julia JOO-lee-uh
Karl KAR-ull
Lisa LEE-suh
Martin MAR-tin
Nicole nih-KOHL
Owen OH-uhn
Paula PAHL-luh
Richard RIH-churd
Shary SHAHR-ee
Tobias toh-BEE-uss
Virginie vir-JIN-ee
Walter WALL-tur